Starting A Small Business? 3 Financing Options To Look Into

Opening up and running a small business is more common than you may think. In fact, there are around 28 million small businesses throughout the United States. Of those businesses, 22 million are individually operated with no employees, while the remaining 6 million are owner operated with employees. If you are considering starting a small business, you may need to set up financing at some point in the near future. Here are three financing options you should consider looking into if you are interested in starting a small business.

Estate Planning Around A Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages make sense for some seniors. When there is only limited income available, or when there are financial hardships, a reverse mortgage allows those over a certain age to tap into their home equity by receiving a check each month based on the equity of their home. If you are an older couple and are receiving a reverse mortgage, there are some additional estate planning steps that you will need to go through.

3 Reasons To Sell Your Jewelry To A Jewelry Professional Vs. A Pawn Shop

If you are looking to sell your engagement ring or another valuable piece of jewelry, you could be thinking about heading to a pawn shop to do so. After all, as you might already know, you can often sell jewelry on the spot at a pawn shop and get cash in-hand right away. Even though there are some benefits to selling your jewelry to a pawn shop, you will probably find that selling it to a jewelry professional is a much better idea.