The Services Of A 24-Hour Bondsman

An arraignment is the initial court appearance that involves a judge telling a defendant what their formal charges are. Because some arraignments take place at night, a defendant may pursue the services of a 24-hour bail bondsman. 

Service Around The Clock

The jail processes that inmates face can take place at all hours. Someone may be arrested late at night and be subjected to standing before a judge at an hour when most people are sleeping. Because jails can become overcrowded, a steady flow of arraignments is often conducted. Some arraignments may take place during the day, but many others may take place at night or on an 'as needed' basis.

An inmate who is going to seek a bail bond may want to pursue hiring someone who can aid them in being released immediately after arraignment. A bondsman who performs a day and night service will have a call center agent, an operator, or themselves answer any late-night calls that they receive.

The Connection Process

Many bondsmen that provide around-the-clock services stay busy on a consistent basis. A bondsman who serves multiple counties or a large city will likely be receptive to accepting a collect call from a detention center. If a detainee doesn't have family or a viable way to contact a bondsman directly, they will need to attend their arraignment and then can request to use one of the phones that are designated for jailed individuals to use.

If a detainee has a family member assisting them with the release process, the loved one will likely be taking on the responsibility of contacting a bondsman who provides day and night services. A bondsman will discuss the pricing variables that a detainee will be responsible for. A bondsman may offer financing or may require that a specific percentage of the bail is paid at the onset of rendering services.

A bondsman will speak on behalf of a detainee. They will handle all of the paperwork that is essential for someone to be released from jail. A service provider will outline the stipulations that a detainee will need to uphold. This includes the fact that the detainee will need to fulfill their obligation to attend any future hearing that is related to the criminal charge. There are many methods of payment that a 24-hour bondsman may accept for the services that they offer.

Reach out to a local 24-hour bail bonds company to learn more.