Should You Get A Bail Bond For A Friend Or Family Member?

Did you recently get a phone call from a friend or family member that is in jail, and they need your help to get out by paying for their bail? If so, you're likely wondering if you should help them out. You'll need to use a bail bond if you do not have the cash on hand to pay for it yourself, which can make you question if you should go through with it. Here is what you should think about when making the decision to get a bail bond. 

Can You Depend On The Person To Return To Court?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is if you can truly depend on the person to return to court for their hearing. This is because the bail money could be lost if they decide to leave town before their court date, which would put a warrant out for their arrest. 

Bail is supposed to work as a form of collateral, where the person released from jail gets their money back if they attend all their court appearances to the end. However, if it is not their money they may not be as motivated to return to court. This means you are partially responsible for making sure that they will return to court so that you are not negatively impacted by the bail money being lost. 

What Will Happen If The Person Stays In Jail? 

You also should consider the long-term impact of what would happen if your friend or family member stays in jail. It could have a big impact on their job, since they may be fired for not showing up to work. Losing their primary source of income may cause more problems once their legal issues are resolved since they'll be released from jail and no longer be employed.

Being in jail can also have a negative impact on their family, especially if they have kids. Having one parent be in jail will make it difficult back at home, and lead to a lot of problems that would otherwise not happen if they were released on bail. 

It will also make it easier for the person to prepare for their upcoming court date. They'll need to have a lawyer to help represent them, and it will be much easier to have those meetings when the person is able to meet freely rather than held in jail. 

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