Here Is What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Bail Bonds Agency

If you or someone close to you has been arrested, you can opt to remain in jail until your case is heard. But it's highly unlikely you want that, so the best option is to hire a licensed bail bonds agency to pay the bail amount and secure your release. This way, you can prepare for the case at home, surrounded by people you love. 

But before you call a bail bonds agency, there are a few critical things you need to know about the bail process. Keep reading to learn more!

Who Is Eligible for Bail?

Generally, anyone with a non-capital crime charge is eligible for bail. However, some states require those charged with violent crimes to remain in custody until their case is heard, especially if they are deemed a danger to the public or a flight risk. 

Also, it's important to note that bail amounts may vary depending on the crime you're charged with. A bail bonds agent will inform you of the bail amount required for your crime and the percentage to pay as a premium for their services. 

What Information Should You Have Before Calling a Bail Agent?

Your bail bonds agency will require some information from you before beginning the bail process. They will ask you the full names of the person who has been arrested and where they are held in custody, with precise details on the name of jail, city, and state. 

You may also be required to provide the booking number of the defendant. This information is helpful when the bail agent contacts the jail to inquire about the defendant. If you don't have the booking number, don't worry, as the bail agent may be able to get it for you. 

How Do You Pay the Bail Bonds Agency?

The amount to pay a bail bonds agency is usually a non-refundable percentage of the full bail amount. In most states, that can range between 10-15% of the bail amount, depending on the criminal offense, criminal history, and other background checks. 

To make the process easier for you, most bail bonds agencies accept various payment methods, including personal checks, local checks, American Express, Western Union, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. Before hiring a bail agency, confirm the payment methods offered. 

What About Collateral?

For small bail amounts, the bail bonds agency will not require any form of collateral. A written guarantee or a personal signature plus the premium payment may be all you need to secure the defendant's release. 

However, larger bail bonds may require the backing of collateral. If the defendant doesn't appear in court or violates the bail terms, the bail agency can use the collateral to pay the amount owed to the court. Some of the things accepted as collateral include vehicles, jewelry, credit cards, real estate, and stocks. If the case ends well without any hitches, you will get all your collateral back.  

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