Active Warrant Situation? What To Do Before Surrendering To Authorities

The discovery that you or someone you love has an outstanding warrant for arrest is a distressing dilemma. While the urge to ignore it, or hide and try to avoid arrest is sure to be strong, making the brave choice to voluntarily surrender to authorities and work out your legal issues is often the best path for moving forward and improving your life. But before you make that call or drive to the nearest law enforcement office, it is important that you attend to a few critical needs. 

Make arrangements with family and work

Depending on the type of legal issue you have, the act of voluntarily surrendering to law enforcement and accepting service of the warrant may encourage the court to offer to release you or your loved one on their own recognizance, often called an OR bond. Since this decision is not guaranteed, it is best to make arrangements for childcare, family needs, and time off from work before actually surrendering to authorities.

Choose a workable date for surrendering

If possible, avoid surrendering on holidays, evenings, or weekends. In most jurisdictions across the country, court is held Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. Opting to surrender to law enforcement during the hours when the court associated with the arrest warrant is in session may help you expedite the process, especially if a judge's signature will be needed for an OR bond or other need. 

Hire legal representation

Having legal counsel to guide you through the process of surrendering to an active arrest warrant can ensure that you understand the potential ramifications of surrendering and that your legal rights are protected throughout the process. Your attorney will also be able to investigate and gather facts pertaining to your case to help you prove your innocence. If you are found guilty of the charge during later court proceedings, your attorney will be able to help you minimize the potential damage and guide you through the process of making restitution and moving forward with your life. 

Have a bail bond agent waiting 

Contacting a reputable bail bonds company to discuss your outstanding warrant is the next step to accomplish before actually surrendering yourself to local authorities. If the warrant includes the possibility of bond, the bail bond agent can help you make preliminary arrangements to expedite the bonding process after you are actually arrested. If the warrant specifies that you will be held without bond, the bail bond agent may be able to use their experience to offer you helpful advice on getting the terms modified to allow bond.