Going to Jail for a Controversial Crime? What to Know About Bail First

If you have gone to jail for a controversial crime and you aren't sure if you should rush to get bail to get out, there are some things to take into consideration. If you can't miss work or have other types of obligations that require an immediate release, bail may be your own choice. Here are some of the things to go over before you ask someone to help you or move forward without any legal counsel.

Do You Need a Temporary Release?

You first have to decide if it's worth the effort and money to get a temporary release from jail or if you should just sit in jail until you see the judge. If you will be able to get into the judge quickly or if you think that you will be doing a little jail time anyways, you may just want to stay put to see what happens.

Can You Bail Yourself Out?

Asking someone to put up money, risking their own finances and credit to bail you out of jail, can be a lot of pressure. You will want to decide if you can use your own credit, credit cards, and money to bail yourself out of jail. If you can't, you will want to call a very close family member, spouse, or friend to help you. But be aware that the person will have to talk with the bail bonds expert to find out if they qualify to financially help.

Do You Have a Lawyer?

If you already have a lawyer, you can talk with them about what local bail bonds options will be the most suitable for you. You will want to get a lawyer before you bail yourself out to make sure that you are making the right move. If you can't get a lawyer, then you want to have someone close to you call bonds agencies and ask about their policies and interest rates. 

If you go to jail on the weekend, you may not be able to find a bondsman that is open, a lawyer that you can get a hold of, or a way out of jail. Be sure to look for companies offering 24/7 Jail Bail Bonds in this situation. But before you get post bail or try to convince someone to bail you out, be sure that it's worth the time and money. There are cases where it's preferable to just wait for your arraignment with the judge to get a sentencing.